About Ed

In 1978 while living on the gulf coast a friend introduced Ed to a role playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. Little did he know how this seemingly innocent game would change his life forever. It has now been more than thirty years, Dungeons and Dragons became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, he went from being just a player to a part time Dungeon Master creating his own worlds. “Along the way I discovered within me a story begging to get out”.

Today Ed lives far from the coast and is working to put his ideas into writing so he can share them with the world. His first story is roughly based on my AD&D experience and ultimately on the life of a Wood Elf named Ferguson. Wait a minute before you say that Ferguson isn’t an Elven name, we already know that but his father named him after a human ranger he knew and respected.

On October 30, 2012 Ed suffered a major stroke which left the left side of his body weak and almost put an end to his plans. Now typing with one hand, Ed never was a touch typist, he is back at work putting his stories to electronic paper.

Sit back relax and join Ed on an adventure.