Nethermost: Missionary Miracles in Lowly Places by Francis M. Gibbons and Daniel Bay Gibbons

NeithermostThe Authors are father and son, who have done much in the building up of Zion in these latter days. This is a collection of missionary related stories many by the authors themselves. I did have problems keeping track of who was who at first but that’s more a reflection on me than on the book. I did find that within the stories it tended to repeat itself.
Francis M. Gibbons as a young boy visiting his father’s court room was impressed by the court reporter and felt inspired to learn shorthand. Little did he know that it was preparing him to one day serve as secretary to the First Presidency. His son Daniel Bay Gibbons while serving as a young missionary in Germany likewise found himself inspired to learn Russian. Preparing him later in life to serve as mission president Russia Novosibirsk Mission.
I enjoyed reading these stories as it reaffirmed my faith in the Lord and his work. It taught how the Lord prepared people for his service and placed the tools where they would find it when the time was right.
I recommend this book to all members of the church.