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Am I on the National Security terror watch list yet?


Last night I was thinking about a story I want to write. My thoughts lead me to several questions.

  1. Thoughts
    1. Lasers
      1. I know that lasers can be used to blind people there is fear that a hand held laser could bring down a jetliner.
      2. Though light is affected by gravity it is very minor and even over long distance can easily be calculated unlike lead.
      3. Lasers are not affected by wind.
      4. Lasers are used for surgery to make highly precise cuts.
      5. Lasers can cut through thick metal.
      6. I’ve heard of killer satellites that use lasers to kill other satellites.
    2. Drones
      1. They’ve been in the news a lot lately.
      2. We know the military uses them to hit targets deep behind enemy lines.
      3. Recently a drone crashed on the Whitehouse lawn.
      4. They are hard to protect against.
      5. Amazon and others are looking to use them for quick delivery service.
      6. A drown carrying drugs crashed near the California boarder close to San Diego.
      7. Apparently there is something called Drone Boning which uses drone mounted cameras to produce voyeur porn.
      8. Anyone can buy them now.
  2. Questions
    1. Lasers
      1. How big would a laser need to be to quickly kill a man?
      2. How much would it weigh?
      3. How much power would it need?
      4. Could such a laser be mounted on a drone?
      5. Why couldn’t a laser be used as a sniper weapon?
    2. Drones
      1. How far can one fly?
      2. How long can it stay air born?
      3. How much weight can they hold?
      4. Could a gun be attached to and fired accurately from one?
      5. If the can deliver drugs and other packages why not bombs?
      6. Wouldn’t they work great for spying?
        1. Video
        2. Directional mic.

As I’m researching these and other questions I knowing how much the NSA is monitoring American’s internet searches. Is Big Brother tagging me as a terrorist threat? Should I expect the FBI and SWAT to be knocking down my front door anytime? The joys of trying to become a writer.

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