An Oath of the Blood (book 1 of the “Island Shifters”) by Valerie Zambito

As a writer it is important to be a reader as well. You can’t just start blindly writing a story with no idea what is out there. If you describe Elves as fat, dumb, and bright blue glowing in the dark. Few will take it serious and read it. T. R. R. Tolkien gave detailed descriptions of Elves, Dwarves, etc. writers who drift far from these norms are not taken serious. At the same time science fiction writers whose stories go afield of true science are also ignored. To be accepted as a romance writer you must know the difference between Gray and Grey eyes. I don’t so I will never be a serious Romance writer.

Recently I found myself engrossed in my latest fantasy find. It has been a long time since I have read a book that reached out and grabbed me refusing to let go. “An Oath of the Blood” book 1 of the “Island Shifters” by Valerie Zambito is such a book. I found myself sitting in bed going to read “just one more page” hours later my eye lids heavy I would finally force myself to put it down and get to sleep. Valerie writes an intriguing tale that brings the characters to life. Filled with unexpected twist and turns be prepared for the unexpected. Although part of a series, this is a standalone book it does not leave you hanging but finishes the tale. Book 2 includes the same characters yet is a whole new story.

One point as I read this fascinating story was the suspense and unexpected twists and turns. As I look at my own writing I realized I need to incorporate more of this myself. As I read I learn and my own writing improves.