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How do elves age?

My experience with elves is mixed between Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and reading fantasy.  In AD&D elves do not reach maturity until they are around 100.  If this is the case how does their body and mind age as compared to humans?

I’ve read in The Lord of the Rings elves mature mentally faster than humans but their bodies mature slower, with them reaching adulthood at somewhere between 50 and 100 years of age.  Again how would they age as compared to humans.

This becomes important to me because I have several eleven characters that grow up during the story.  In the case of Ferguson and his sister Moenna take part in several of the later books and their age will have an effect on how the story plays out.  Ferguson is a young elf, far from mature when his father dies.  At this point his sister Moenna is a new-born.  Even though still a child by elven standards Ferguson must take over his father’s responsibility and lead his people.

How would the elves respond to being lead by a child?  How would you respond to being lead by a child?  In ancient days when the king died if his child was not yet of age they court would often appoint a regent to run things until the child reached adulthood.  A vital part of the story calls for Ferguson to take charge and lead his people.

With the death of their parents Moenna is a new-born.  It isn’t long until she becomes a main character in the stories.  Do the story have to wait a hundred years for her to age to adulthood or is she able to become an active player earlier.  Keep in mind that a major element in the story is human, so a wait of even 50 years would be the passing of multiple generations.

I like the idea from middle earth that elves mentality mature faster than they do physically.  At a year an elf child is able to talk, sing, walk, and dance but their body is still that of an infant.  Their mind will continue to grow faster than a human so by their teens they are metals as mature as a human adult, but their body will still reflect that of a human child maybe a toddler.  By fifty even though they have been mentally mature for many years their body is still that of a young teen.

This type of aging would allow them to be accepted more by elven society even though human society would still see them as nothing more than a child.  A human would most likely have no respect for an elf of fifty because they would see the physical not the mental maturity of the elves.  This will work in my favor in the stories because Ferguson has assumed his role as a leader among his people, but he is forced to deal with humans many of which will see him as a child and act accordingly.

Thus an elf at fifty my assume some adult responsibility but still be physically limited in the tasks they perform due to their physical ability.  You would not expect a young teen ager to be as strong as an adult.

To sum everything up elves mentally age faster than humans but their body matures more slowly.  Thus their body won’t reach full maturity (mid to late teen) until around 100 years.


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Blogs and Blogs



My dog Tristan has started his own blog I can’t say I agree totally with his view on life but his blog is very interesting and worth checking out. Tristan often sits on the couch with me while I



am working on the computer. I have a habit of putting my iPad down next to him if I’m not using it. Turns out he created a bog and even an Amazon store front while I wasn’t watching. Tristan is a smart dog. However, I do have to have a talk with him about the mailman.

Not to be outdone my sister’s dog Bella the world’s only Tasmanian Yorkie has started her own blog as well. She is new at it and doesn’t have the advantage of watching me all the time. Check out her blog as well. Her people has cancer and has been taking chemo so it’s been a hard time for both of them. At least my cats haven’t figured out how to blog yet.

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A bag of bookworms


I saw this the other day on Facebook and thought what a great idea. When I get to the point that I am doing book tours. I think I will make up a bunch of these to hand out to anyone who buys my books. Then I thought maybe the sour worms would be good for books with a bitter sweet ending. So of course at Smiths today they had large bags of both on clearance. So I bought a bag of each to make some up for family and friends. Now I just need to get ink for my printer so I can give it a try.

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My Stroke

I haven’t posted much on here recently, my stroke really messed up my plans and I am still working hard to overcome the effects. I still can’t really use my left hand but at least I can move it now. I haven’t given up on writing I am just slower having to type with just one hand. I was a slow typist to begin with and even slower now. I will overcome this and will publish my books. My brain is fine it’s just my body that’s on strike. It could have been worse I am thankful that I have come as far as I have so fast.

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Back Up Vital Records

This tip is taken from, Las Vegas Preparedness, one of Ed’s other sites

Part of any emergency preparedness plan must include backup of vita records and data. For a family that could include passports, birth certificate marriage licenses, family photos, etc. For a business important financial records, customer records, suppliers, etc. For the home we recommend a fireproof lock box, something portable that can be grabbed in the event of an evacuation. A safe deposit box is also a great choice, I just like the ability to have personal control and being able to take it with me, this must be maintained at a secure off site location. A back up that is destroyed along with the business is of no value.

Today our world is digital. Everything from personal photos, to accounting and other vital records are kept on our computers. A family’s loss of vacation photos may seem devastating but they will survive, statistics show that the loss of business records is devastating, most businesses involved in a disaster never reopen, and many that do fail within a year, the difference between those that survive and those that done is the maintenance of offsite backups. Las Vegas Preparedness Recommends the following data back up plan. First make copies of all you software license documents and secure them in an offsite location. Some place where they are readily available 24/7. Additionally either maintains the original back up media or a copy at the same location. With the price of external storage so low our recommendation is to use external hard drives one for each day of the week plus four weekly, and three monthly for a total of 12 devices. This way if one fails not everything is lost. Next back up your data using the following schedule 1.Daily perform a sequential back up of all data that has changed, keep five sets, one for each day of the week. This allows the rebuilding of anything that has changed in the last few days, we recommend that these backup are maintained on separate media. 2.Ever week make a full backup of all financial, and customer records as well as all other documents. Maintain four sets/ this is a back up of all records and data that could be changed but does not include the programs themselves or the operating system. Just the data files it’s smaller and faster. 3.Monthly do a full system back up of everything including all program files and the operating system this will take time, but don’t be tempted to start it and leave a lot of good it would be if something happened that night. Keep at least three full backups.

All backups should be maintained off site with the copies of the install media and license information. There are several great backup utilities available Las Vegas Preparedness isn’t going to recommend any one. Instead talk to the people you buy you equipment from see what they recommend. This way they are more likely to be able to support what you are using and answer any questions you may have.

If the business has multiple computers have a network professional configure the system to use roaming profiles, so all data is stored in one central location not on each computer. It is easier to back up one location than several and if a user computer fails, the files are not lost they can log into the network from any computer and see all their files.

Lastly spend the money to hire a professional to set up your network and backup. Don’t be tempted to save money and hire an expert off Craigslist our out of the local paper. As a professional I have fixed hundreds of computers after an expert has worked on the. You get what you pay for. I once had someone comment about how they were surprised how fast their network backup ran. Turned out they were making blank backups, the expert never specified anything to back up so the software ran created a file and it was done. Good thing we checked on it before they needed it. Always hire a professional from a license company that guarantees their work.Back Up Vital Records

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Midnight Thoughts

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night still wanting to sleep but your mind says no.  I’m having one of those nights so I find myself thinking about my books and making some updates to my websites.  The other night I had a detailed dream that got me thinking about another book this one is Zerham’s Star in my dream I saw the whole thing played out and awoke knowing I had to at least get some of it down before I lost it, and so another story begins.

My goal with this New Year is to set aside time every day to write. I want to get my first book out during the first quarter of the year and go from there.

One of the problems I’ve been having is that I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I keep jumping from idea to idea. So for the most part I’ve picked a couple of them to concentrate on, unless something else comes up I am making an effort to get them out of my head and into a book.

My first book is going to be one I’ve started on WordPress. I’ve worked in the computer industry most of my life so it just makes since to start there. I am also working on a Christian themed book then I want to dive into Kavilion. Kavilion is the series that started it all, I told my future wife about it when we were courting and she’s been after me to write it ever since, so Kavilion is truly for her.


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