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I have been Distracted

This has been a fun week. I upgraded our computers from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 as well as our copies of Office from 2007 to 2013. Now I have the latest and greatest of Microsoft software even if my hardware is still outdated.

A couple weeks ago we moved our internet from “Clear” a G4 service to “CenturyLink” an ADSL service that’s about 10 times faster than what we had. We are even saving money this way. With this we also dropped one of our cell phones replacing it with a Landline.

To add insult to injury my wife and I have been sharing a cold for the last two months. We keep passing it back and forth taking turns with it. This last week has been my wife’s turn now I am getting it back

Needless to say, this has taken me away from other more important things.

I have managed to finish Chapters 1 & 2 of Lord Candurn, Book 1 of the Elven Lords series. I reworked the Prelude and both it and the first chapters have been checked for errors. At this time I can’t afford professional editors so I am depending on friends and family to edit my book.

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again time to set our new year’s resolutions. For many of us we just did that twelve months ago and our goals died almost as soon as the ink dried on the paper. I know mine did. Part of the problem is that we set ourselves up to fail. We set goals that are too lofty or too general. We need to be specific setting goals that are obtainable Ones that allow us to see progress. Breaking big goals into smaller bit size pieces. One of my goals for last year was to lose weight. I did but then I gained it back again only to lose it again before repeating the cycle. Now we are at the end of the year and I am right about where I started the year. Maybe a better goal would have been to eat healthier or eat less.

In a recent Talk last Sunday Brother Nash mentioned that we all have weaknesses handicaps that hold us back. Some are visual, in that others can see or hear them. Watch me walk or attempt to do things and the effects of my stroke become apparent. Listen to me talk and I sound like I have an accent. Not apparent is my hearing problem that makes it difficult to distinguish between like sounds. Many weaknesses are invisible to the naked eye. Low self esteem, depression, dyslexia, are among the large list. God gave us weaknesses to make us strong. Whatever our challenges are we have the strength to overcome them. Sometimes however we need help.

There is no shame in admitting we need help to overcome a problem. In fact it is a sign of strength. In the Air Force Officer’s Candidate Training School. The obstacle course is designed so no one can complete it without help. It takes team work to succeed. So it is with life we can’t succeed alone we all need help. From our family, our friends, and even others. Everyone has been given weaknesses to overcome, and strength to help not just ourselves but others. I worked in the computer industry for much of my adult life. I know a lot about computer hardware but not as much about the software. Though I took programming classes as part of my training, it is not my expertise. In the 1990’s I took a series of classes to improve my skill with several office applications. Yet I can’t write a good database. I need help.

The Devil is the Father of Lies. He will tell us that we should be able to do it all on our own. That admitting our mistakes is a sigh of weakness. The truth is admitting out weaknesses is a sign of strength and the first step to overcoming them. As we face our challenges no matter what they may be we grow stronger. We will not reach perfection in this life but we will become better striving toward becoming the strongest we can be.

Be aware that even after we have worked hard to overcome a weakness it might return to bite us. An alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in years may find him/her self tempted almost to the breaking point. The devil loves to bring up our past in an attempt to snare us. Even if we fail we can always pick ourselves back up and try again. You don’t learn to ride a bike without falling off. So it is in life we learn by making mistakes, backing up and trying again.

Life is full of trials and tests. You don’t have to enjoy them but you do have to pass through them. Make the most of things, be the best you, you can be. In adversity we find strength. Good people go through trials too make them better.

One of my goals this year is to finish my first book. I will do this by writing a little every day. I will miss a day now and then but that’s not failure it’s life. I will press forward and this will be the year I get published.


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11 month since my Stroke

It is said there is always someone worse off than us. September 30th makes eleven months since my stroke. As bad as it was for me I think of what Kat went through. I got a helicopter ride from beaver to Salt Lake. Kat however was on her own to drive not knowing what she would find. She stopped in Orem to pick up Jessica who finished the remaining hour drive to Salt Lake.

As for me I slept the next couple of days. While they told Kat I might never wake up.

When I arrived at the VA hospital’s rehab unit I found myself with several other stroke survivors that had all been there many months. Most didn’t get to go home for seven month or more. A month later I was home having progressed beyond any of them. I don’t know if I was the only member in the group but I was the only one who attended the Sacrament meeting offered at the hospital.

Kat was blessed to find a room at the Fisher house where she met with several other wives whose husbands were much worse off then I was. One woman whose husband was in late stage cancer having only days left to live. She forgot her troubles as she became a shoulder to cry on for these other women. Yes there are things I still can’t do and likely never will again be able to. But I am here. I have my loving wife and family and soon another grandson. Life is good. God never promised it would be easy only that it would be worth it and it is. Live may not be perfect but it is very good.

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David Farland

I don’t normally do this but… In my recent posts I have reviewed one of David Farland’s books on writing as well copied from one of his newsletters. David is a great man, a wonderful writer, and a friend to new authors. David’s son was seriously injured this week in a long boarding accident. Things don’t look good for him. One his mother’s birthday they had to remove the 16 year old boy’s skull cap to relive pressure on the brain. Needless to say his medical bills are growing. I am asking all my friends to support the family by buying one of david farland’s books. Visit his Amazon Author page to find an interesting book. view his Runelords Page and Of Mice and Magic page.

If you believe in God please pray for David. his son. and family.

David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants—Taking Time for the Important Things

Taking Time for the Important Things


David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants—Taking Time for the Important Things

Today is April 4th, my wife’s birthday.  We normally take time to go out for the evening on her birthday, but tonight we have a viewing at a funeral and planned to spend time with family.

However, my son Ben had a longboarding accident in Snow Canyon last night, and sustained massive brain damage.  He’s in a coma, and our kids have come together to try to support him.

The point of today’s kick?  Writing is important, but family is more important.  Take time to hug your loved ones today and every day.  The story can wait until you get back.


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A day of firsts

20130324-183328.jpgToday has been a day of firsts. I may not have been the first time I’ve gotten ready for church without any help but the first time I was dressed up in Sunday Dress. I couldn’t button my top shirt button, so I couldn’t wear my clip on-tie. For the first time since my stroke I not only wear s real tie but I tied it myself. Today for the first time I managed to tie my dress shoes. I’ve came a long way in these few months.

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David Farland’s Kick in the Pants

Today I receiver the latest of David Farland’s writing tips where he talks about writing to the seven senses. He starts out by saying “I was judging a contest this morning and found a story that I really wanted to love. Unfortunately, the author didn’t transport me into the tale. He didn’t use smell, taste, sight, touch, or sound enough. That’s too bad, because the character and conflict were fascinating”.

In the next paragraph he adds this advice from a dear old friend “Dean Wesley Smith, teaches authors that they should reference each of the senses at least every 500 words—or every two pages. I think that’s wise counsel for beginning writers. Doing it might seem mechanical, but if you take it up as an exercise, it will quickly teach you to make sure to ground your story in imagery”.

When I was in school I only learned about the five sense sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. David goes on to add two more kinetic or motion and thought or emotion.

As I read through this email I couldn’t help but think of the writing I did yesterday in one of my books and what I could do to include the seven senses in my story. I need to do a complete write not that it was really bad but there was more tell and less show then there should have been. One of my Characters is a young Sylva Ranger. I talk about what they are; I need to rewrite this with his thoughts and feelings about having become part of this élite group. After all at the start of the story no one knows what Sylvan Rangers are some might realize that Sylvans are a type of elf often called wood elves and rangers are warriors that specialize in caring for nature. Therefore, they might assume that sylvan Rangers are wood elf warriors that care for the forests. Though many readers might remain clueless as to what they are and all will fall short of who they really are.

In my world elves are divided into six tribes High (Original), Gray, Sylvan (wood), Desert, Aquatic, and Arctic. One member from each tribe is called to represent “Lord” the tribe to the Elven Council. Each tribe has a small security force the best of the best that protects their interest and to a lesser extend provides security for their selected “Lord” Each is based in Mount Corellon where the Elven Council meets The Sylvan Rangers report to the Sylvan Lord and are warriors with some magical ability relating to nature and the forest. These abilities are different from Ranger to ranger but might include the ability to talk with animals or plants, the ability to control the weather, the ability to make a plant grow, to heal the sick, or purify food and water. There are many Sylvan elves that are rangers but only the best are selected to become Sylvan Rangers. They are selected in their youth based on the skill and potential they show. Few are selected and those who are must work hard to improve not only their fighting skills but also to discover and develop their special skills.

I need to change the start to include this young Ranger thinking about his selection to the Sylvan Rangers, what he went through and his thought of pride for being selected. Then add in the thoughts and other senses as they first see the smoke rising above the forest in the distance then as they arrive to find the burned out encampment and slaughter of a group of their fellow Sylvan Elves.

I’m not going to give away the story line but there is a lot of work to bring these few short pages up to where they need to be so the reader can see and feel through the eyes of this young elf what he feels and sees. Something new for me to learn and experiment with.

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My Stroke

I haven’t posted much on here recently, my stroke really messed up my plans and I am still working hard to overcome the effects. I still can’t really use my left hand but at least I can move it now. I haven’t given up on writing I am just slower having to type with just one hand. I was a slow typist to begin with and even slower now. I will overcome this and will publish my books. My brain is fine it’s just my body that’s on strike. It could have been worse I am thankful that I have come as far as I have so fast.

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