New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again time to set our new year’s resolutions. For many of us we just did that twelve months ago and our goals died almost as soon as the ink dried on the paper. I know mine did. Part of the problem is that we set ourselves up to fail. We set goals that are too lofty or too general. We need to be specific setting goals that are obtainable Ones that allow us to see progress. Breaking big goals into smaller bit size pieces. One of my goals for last year was to lose weight. I did but then I gained it back again only to lose it again before repeating the cycle. Now we are at the end of the year and I am right about where I started the year. Maybe a better goal would have been to eat healthier or eat less.

In a recent Talk last Sunday Brother Nash mentioned that we all have weaknesses handicaps that hold us back. Some are visual, in that others can see or hear them. Watch me walk or attempt to do things and the effects of my stroke become apparent. Listen to me talk and I sound like I have an accent. Not apparent is my hearing problem that makes it difficult to distinguish between like sounds. Many weaknesses are invisible to the naked eye. Low self esteem, depression, dyslexia, are among the large list. God gave us weaknesses to make us strong. Whatever our challenges are we have the strength to overcome them. Sometimes however we need help.

There is no shame in admitting we need help to overcome a problem. In fact it is a sign of strength. In the Air Force Officer’s Candidate Training School. The obstacle course is designed so no one can complete it without help. It takes team work to succeed. So it is with life we can’t succeed alone we all need help. From our family, our friends, and even others. Everyone has been given weaknesses to overcome, and strength to help not just ourselves but others. I worked in the computer industry for much of my adult life. I know a lot about computer hardware but not as much about the software. Though I took programming classes as part of my training, it is not my expertise. In the 1990’s I took a series of classes to improve my skill with several office applications. Yet I can’t write a good database. I need help.

The Devil is the Father of Lies. He will tell us that we should be able to do it all on our own. That admitting our mistakes is a sigh of weakness. The truth is admitting out weaknesses is a sign of strength and the first step to overcoming them. As we face our challenges no matter what they may be we grow stronger. We will not reach perfection in this life but we will become better striving toward becoming the strongest we can be.

Be aware that even after we have worked hard to overcome a weakness it might return to bite us. An alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in years may find him/her self tempted almost to the breaking point. The devil loves to bring up our past in an attempt to snare us. Even if we fail we can always pick ourselves back up and try again. You don’t learn to ride a bike without falling off. So it is in life we learn by making mistakes, backing up and trying again.

Life is full of trials and tests. You don’t have to enjoy them but you do have to pass through them. Make the most of things, be the best you, you can be. In adversity we find strength. Good people go through trials too make them better.

One of my goals this year is to finish my first book. I will do this by writing a little every day. I will miss a day now and then but that’s not failure it’s life. I will press forward and this will be the year I get published.


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