On the Edge: My Story

By Richard & Mindy Hammond

In September 2006 British Radio and TV personality Richard Hammond suffered a devastating crash while filming a segment for Top Gear. During his final run in a Jet Powered car at speeds approaching 290 miles an hour. The car experienced a failure of the front right tire causing it to roll. Leading to a serious lift threating brain injury.

This is the story of his life and recovery co-authored by Richard and his wife, Mindy. The two viewpoints presented his before the crash, hers during the early days of his recovery and then the two as Richard’s recovery progressed add much to the overall story.

My wife and I took turns reading his story. Err should I say on the day this book arrived my wife grabbed it and allowed me to view it only after she was through. Then pushed me to read it so we could discuss what had happened.

I’ll be honest we both enjoy Richard in the programs he has done. My wife has become quite a fan of Top Gear and now Crash Course another of his programs.

His story is well written and riveting. His recovery was quick yet devastating and seeing it from the two sides just adds to the overall content. As he points out those who suffer injuries such as his may look fine on the outside while not even close to being fine on the inside.

This story was made personal from the fact that in 2012 I suffered a major stroke. As I read Mindy’s account of Richard’s hospitalization and recovery it brought new insight into what my own loving wife went through in the hours, days, weeks, and even months of our own journey.

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. I encourage everyone to read it and learn from Richard and Mindy’s experience.