Genesis Evolution by Russell Elkins

Book Title Genesis Evolution

Author Russell Elkins 

On April 16th 2013 at the California Institute of Technology famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking commented “Our universe didn’t need any divine help to burst into being” In fact many scientist feel that science is all that we need. Many religious persons would claim that science has it all wrong. The Universe and life itself was created by God, science has nothing to do with it. In the

So where do we turn is Science or Religion correct? I for some time have wondered why can’t they both be correct? Astronomer Fred Hoyle who coined the term “Big Bang” stated “A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics”.

In his book “Genesis Evolution” Russell Elkins presents compelling evidence that the two are not mutually exclusive but instead supportive of one another. Russell Elkins presents the six days of creation beside the correlating science in a compelling argument that both are correct. From the Intro- “God is all knowing, so it’s not hard for me to view him as the ultimate scientist”.

God instituted the Big Bang bringing all things into existence. I’m not going to quote the entire book. It is well thought out and makes a lot of sense. As I said upfront it goes along with what I was already thinking, I may not agree with every aspect of the book but I strongly recommend it.