It has been said that a writer should start with what they know.  Having spend some three and a half decades in the computer industry, computers are what I know.  Over the years one of the biggest questions that I am asked is “What computer should I buy?”  One of the big problems is that salesmen don’t care about what your needs are they care about making their quotas or earning their commission.  Even places that claim that their salesmen or not commission based, still have quotas that they need to make.  Walk into any computer store and they will want to know how much you want to spend and then try and get you to spend more.  They will identify a computer for you (at the top end) and then try and get you to add insurance, a printer, etc.  These extras are where they make their money, not on the sale of the computer.  With this in mind I have decided that my first book will be one on selecting the right computer for you.