The Ferguson Series starts with a prequel book which builds the world and introduces the reader to the young wood (Sylvan) elf Ferguson and his family.  The story takes place on the world Kavilion a fantasy world of Elves, Dwarves, Faires and more.  A world where mankind is  relatively new insecure with himself and those around him.

Enjoy a short exert from the Prequel book

Suddenly she was aware as if awaking from a dream.  She could feel the stifling heat of the air around her and could hear the sounds of life but she knew not where she was or even who she was.  She tried to move but her body seemed awkward and un-welding the world around her seemed dull to her eyes.  She tried to speak to call out to anyone but found herself unable to form words though sounds escaped her lips there was no pattern, only randomness.  For a time she laid there knowing not how long, she was alone in a world unknown a stranger even to herself.

It seemed an eternity but then she heard voices though she knew not what they said for she could not understand the tongue which they spoke.  Hoping to be discovered she cried out the best that she could.  For a time it seemed that she would go unnoticed but then the voices grew closer and that which covered her concealing her from the outside world was removed.

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