What you need to know when you buy a computer.

Computer salesmen are so helpful.  Every time I go to buy a new computer they are right there telling me just what I need to buy.  The first question out of their mouth is how much do you want to spend.  Well I don’t want to spend anything but I need a computer.  It seems that if I give them an amount they will pick a computer for me at the high end and them try to add on there extended warranty, software, and anything else the can get me to buy.  But what they want me to buy is not always what I want or what I need.  Instead iskis what they want to sell me.  To add to the confusion when I start asking technical questions it becomes cleait they have no idea what I am talking about.  Most of them just try to BS their way through it.


This book will provide a basic understanding of computer terms and help you to select the computer that is best for your needs not the one the salesmen want to sell you.  A little knowledge can help to save you hundreds of dollars in wasted hardware and software.  Go armed with the tools you need to be an informed buyer.