What’s in a name?

I am working on my first book which is in reality a series of books centered around one main Elf and a hand full of other characters. The main character is Ferguson (I know that is not a normal Elven name but that is explained in the story.) I had originally planned to call the series Ferguson and was starting book one centered around him, but as I looked more deeply at things, there was just too much unexplained in his story. So after much thought I decided to take a step back and write a preguel to the series. This book 0 puts everything in place for Ferguson to start his life’s mission.

Ferguson is an Elven Lord a member of the Elven Counsel. Each member of the counsel is also an Elven Lord the books deal with the counsel as well as the relationship between the Elven race and the other races that dwell on Kavilion. Though Ferguson is the central point throughout the overall story, he is not the main character in all of the books, so naming the series Ferguson is in someways misleading. My thoughts are to either name it Kavilion (after the world) or Elven Lords (which may also be misleading as the they play a major part of the story line, they are only a part of it.)

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